Jacintha Webster

Copy Writer, Social Media and Web

What attracted you to this role?

The versatility was the main attraction. My role covers copy and content writing, social media, branding, events, web design, marketing, graphic design, bids and a range of other exciting projects that come my way. I am able to combine and utilise my broad skills in the one role which is exciting. Previously I have just been in bid writing, or copy writing, or social media, at Terra Firma I combine all these passions and more.

What is a project you are most proud of since starting?

There are actually two projects, they are topics which I am passionate about in my personal life that I have been able to transfer into my working life, which is very fulfilling. The first one is being an active part of Women at Terra Firma and seeing how supportive this company is towards women, and everyone. We have events throughout the year for our women and I love being a part of that. The second is being Chair of the Charity Committee. Being directly involved in which charities and NFPs we are able to support and then making it a reality is a dream.

What does Terra Firma offer that you didn’t expect?

There is so much variety and opportunity every day. Terra Firma are very supportive and let staff work autonomously and thrive with complete trust. Whether this be moving into a higher role, receiving mentoring, going to an event or course you are interested in, or needing more flexibility. The management really are there to say ‘yes’ or ‘how can we make this a reality?’ to everything I need.


“It doesn’t matter what other people think, as long as you are happy. Travel, study as an adult, change jobs or career if it doesn’t feel right. In the end everyone is more worried about themselves than what you are doing anyway.”