Case Studies

Super Fund Client – Business Continuity Exercise

Unlike other financial institution sectors that support their customers in the here and now, Superannuation Management companies have a responsibility to their members for the protection of their future financial position. Ensuring ongoing continuity management delivers trust and is paramount to the organisations position in the marketplace and in the minds of its customers.

The Challenge

Our client operates in an environment that was undergoing significant change to its people, business processes and technology. In this type of environment, it is important to ensure that senior leadership maintains the capability to respond and recover from a major disruption.

The Solution

Terra Firma was engaged by our client to undertake a 4-hour evolving crisis management exercise, a debrief of the event, and produce a formal report of our observations. We designed a scenario that would test the attendees’ capabilities to deal with such an event, and included a physical relocation of the management team to the Crisis Command Centre. This particular exercise was driven by ‘injects’ designed to force the attendees to respond to issues as they occurred with minimal assistance from the facilitator.

The Result

Our client agreed that the exercise improved the participants’ experience in dealing with major operational disruption and staff injuries. They obtained greater clarity over their decision making process and an understanding of the realities of dealing with a physical relocation and the difficulties associated with accounting for staff. They also noted a significant opportunity to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of crisis management and stakeholder communication.