Case Studies

Sensis Customer Advocacy Program – OCM

The Net Promoter System (NPS) is used to gauge the loyalty of a company’s customer relationships.

The Challenge

Telstra deployed NPS throughout its operations and Sensis aligned to this strategic initiative by commencing a customer advocacy program across its entire organisation. Affecting a 3500 onshore and offshore workforce, the program commenced three years ago with the aim of changing behaviour that would result in increasing customer loyalty. Terra Firma was engaged to lead the organisational change.

The Solution

Terra Firma analysed the change readiness state by adopting an approach based on mapping the ‘as-is’ state to assess the organisational maturity as the foundation for other change initiatives.

Business impact assessments were conducted in workshops with targeted teams from order to fulfilment that crossed process and technology lines to identify and analyse the impacts of introducing change. A documented list of change management recommendations and time plans were developed.

Terra Firma identified and analysed key stakeholders to understand their influence on the program and the organisation. As a result, actions per stakeholder and time plans were produced.

Furthermore, Terra Firma devised an operational strategy and framework to transition and embed the change. Based on change readiness analysis, Terra Firma designed and implemented a training and communications program and advocacy network that included coaches at team level to support self-discovery and learning. In addition, changes were made to the existing remuneration system to reward expected performance.

The Result

Terra Firma chose an 8-week pilot, which impacted 12 staff, as the best way to validate the change approach conducted. 

Changes in behaviour during the pilot resulted in a customer team score movement from negative 27 to positive 22. The learnings gained from the successful implementation of the pilot has allowed Terra Firma to transition the change approach across the organisation.