Case Studies

Restructuring the Share The Dignity Volunteer Onboarding Process

Having partnered with Share the Dignity as our corporate charity for 2018, our initial project with them was to streamline and fix issues with their Volunteer Onboarding process.


The Volunteer Onboarding process is key to the success of Share the Dignity, enabling people to volunteer their time for the charity. It was designed to sign-up new volunteers across Australia who could then actively participate in Share The Dignity activities and events, using the Workplace platform for communication. The organisation was experiencing a range of technical issues with this process which were causing over 50% of volunteers to drop-out of the onboarding process.

Upon review, some of the issues Terra Firma Business Consulting identified included the number and length of sign-up forms, a large percentage of non-tech savvy users (70%) not understanding the sign-up process or Workplace, lack of understanding of what volunteers were signing up to and a 48 hour plus wait to get activated in Workplace.

Our challenge was to improve the efficacy of the onboarding process, thus increasing the number of Volunteer sign-ups and decreasing the amount of drop-outs. During the project we were also able to suggest key changes for multiple digital platforms.


We used an Agile Approach and proposed three different solutions to assist Share The Dignity with defining requirements for a valuable, engaging and relevant future web experience for potential volunteers. All three solutions proposed for the sign-up process included a new streamlined process once a volunteer was accepted, identified key sore spots and solutions, automated communication when available, suggested a modern digital design and web experience and a collaborative approach to onboarding and holistic needs, goals and objectives.

  • We prepared user journeys for the AS IS volunteer sign-up process.
  • Identified gaps and improvements and came up with TO BE user journey.
  • Prepared a recommendations report.
  • Analysed the ORC report – volunteer survey, extracted the most common issues highlighted by volunteers and proposed solutions to address those issues.
  • Proposed business process improvements outside of Volunteer sign-up process to make the overall experience more efficient.


Share the Dignity now have a number of viable, strategic options to improve and streamline their Volunteering processes that provide benefits that can be realised iteratively.