Case Studies

Enterprise Architecture for a Large Professional Membership Organisation

This Enterprise Architecture engagement was an outcome of an Infrastructure and Architecture Review engagement conducted for this client. The focus of this engagement was to understand the existing business and technology strategies at a deeper level and put the foundational governance elements in place to support moving to a proposed TO-BE IT environment.

The Challenge

The technology supporting the organisation was developed and enhanced over time without a clear roadmap or strategy to support the future business objectives. The underlying architecture was brittle, and there was little confidence in using existing technology assets to deliver on current and future business requirements. There was a general lack of control over solution delivery, and no common body had oversight on technology changes within the organisation. Fundamental rules of engagement or principles that provide the basis for the successful implementation of solutions were non-existent – this was across both the business and technology areas.

The Solution

Terra Firma initiated a governance forum for architectural change within the organisation. Through this forum, fundamental elements like principles, standards and regulations were conceived and put into effect. A comprehensive template to guide the Solution Architecture process was put in place and handed over to internal staff to demonstrate architectural change and the impact thereof to the organisation. An analysis of the AS-IS view of the organisation was documented and used to highlight pain points and potential risks to the business. Through this exercise, a TO-BE architecture was documented, proposed and accepted.

The Result

The organisation is now on a drive to implement the proposed architecture through various projects across multiple streams including CRM and Digital, that also includes the implementation of a new integration layer that will see their future projects and vision for the organisation realised. The organisation has also realised the benefits of Enterprise Architecture, and have embraced the practice.