Case Studies

Digital Media Consolidation Program

Creating a win-win out of a large-scale transformation project

The Challenge

Our client is one of Australia’s largest digital media companies.  With the advent of the digital age and the decline in traditional print media, they faced increasing competition from online and mobile search directories. Revenue was declining, and claims from advertisers as a result of internal errors were highly costly. To address these challenges, a shift in focus was needed.

A large-scale restructure was necessary to reduce traditional administrative costs, increase sales and address the areas of inefficiencies that weren’t allowing the company to shift gear.

The Solution

Terra Firma came on board to design a Change strategy which impacted 800 roles across 23 business functions that were to be transitioned to two off-shore partners. A key part of the strategy was to ensure the transition occurred in the most logical way possible with minimum disruption.

Once the change strategy was approved, we put it in place. In order to understand and manage the impact of the people affected by the transition, an essential element of the strategy was to engage across all levels of the organisation. As we integrated throughout, we became a trusted adviser informing the go/no-go decisions. We developed ideas for change and saw them through from planning and support to delivery.

Another important element was the development and implementation of a sound media strategy. This ensured that the media attention we received over the announcement of several hundred redundancies was kept at a minimum. No media circus erupted which could have otherwise damaged our client’s reputation.

This was a market change at a grand scale, and at any given time there were upwards of 50 projects taking place. We were involved in planning and driving the change throughout for all these, with our focus being on enabling business not only to continue during this time, but to grow. To our client’s delight, the freeze periods were minimal during the transition period.

The Result

With our help, our client implemented its largest and most strategic program to date with minimal disruption.  Customer satisfaction scores went up as soon as the go live button was pressed and at the same time, the number of claims went down.

A total of 23 functions, two core business units and 800 roles were transitioned to our off-shore partners. We left our client with a suite of change protocols, communication tools and a process architecture and methodology that they continue to use today.

“The change strategy set us up for success”