Case Studies

Community Services – Third Party Gap Analysis

Our client’s mission is to prevent, protect and empower disadvantaged Victorian children, young people and families. Any disruption to the provision of critical services to the community will have a devastating impact on those community members.

The Challenge

The delivery of critical services to the community is underpinned by a range of internal and external participants. Our client needed to understand which external providers supported critical support services to the community and to what extent they, as businesses in their own right, can respond and recover to a disaster that strikes their organisation.

The Solution

Within the construct of a broader Business Continuity (BC) program of work, special attention was paid during the Business Impact Analysis activity for the identification of all third party suppliers. Each Supplier was issued with documentation requesting clarity over their BC capabilities. In cases where there was a lack of clarity over the response, direct contact with the supplier was made in pursuit of the required information.

The Result

To enable them to progress a programme of remediation, our client received a statement of position and recommendations including clarity over the gaps between the service delivery requirements of our client and the actual capability of the supplier.