Case Studies

Moving the Youth Justice System from the DHHS to the DJR

Rolling Out New Systems, Processes and Training for the Department of Justice and Regulation

The Challenge

In 2017, the responsibility for managing the Youth Justice system was transferred from the Department of Health and Human Services to the Department of Justice and Regulation (DJR). To support the transfer, an extensive program of workplace change is being undertaken (projected end date: 2020). The program includes the rollout of new systems, new work processes, training and other reforms designed to align the youth and adult justice systems.

The Solution

DJR required specialist support to assist with the changes, which had to be procured via tender. However, DJR did not have sufficient resources to gather requirements for the tenders, which was delaying the procurement process.

DJR approached Terra Firma for additional resources to support requirements gathering and documentation. In collaboration with DJR staff, Terra Firma business analysts conducted requirements gathering workshops; documented, verified and validated the requirements; and assisted with the production of Requests for Tender.

Terra Firma engaged with stakeholders at every step in the process to ensure that the tenders would deliver the best possible outcome for the Department. Our team also provided some procurement/vendor management support, negotiating with suppliers, assisting with the drafting and revision of contracts and ensuring that required resources were supplied promptly.

This allowed DJR to release multiple tenders, requests for quote and similar documents each week, while also evaluating responses in a timely manner.

The Result

DJR is now finalising the results of the procurement exercise. The procurements have all been completed timely and to a high standard – the expectation is that service delivery in the Youth Justice sector will be significantly more effective and efficient going forward.