Leader profile

Shaun Rafferty

Head of Capability

“Learning how our clients do their business, and working out how to help them is the most exciting part of my job.”

Shaun works with clients across a number of industries. With a background in Defence, Telecommunications and IT, he comes with a wealth of knowledge that is evident in how he does his job.

Helping solve clients’ problems is at the heart of Shaun’s day-to-day. Respected in the industry, he prides himself on providing the ‘right solutions at the right time’. Clients love his pragmatic approach, and call on him knowing he won’t try and sell them something they don’t need.

Shaun enjoys nothing more than meeting new clients, or clients with new challenges, and learning how they do what they do. Working on solutions with them and how Terra Firma can help, gives Shaun great satisfaction. It’s all about helping clients succeed.

He can easily talk to business strategy and the many other capabilities Terra Firma has, and he understands the outcomes that they deliver. He loves bringing it all together to help solve clients’ problems.