Leader profile

Judi Diamond

Head of People & Culture

"I am incredibly lucky to be able to help people reach their career goals and grow. It’s a great job because I can see the results of my work every single day"

Judi sits at the core of our business – recruiting new consultants to join the organisation as well as functioning as the bridge between our Industry and Consulting Practice teams.

She and her team are always on the lookout for people who align to Terra Firma’s values and vision, and who bring enthusiasm, experience and innovation to the organisation.

In her resourcing capacity, Judi is always conscious to bear in mind not only our clients’ requirements but also our consultants’ aspirations to ensure a positive experience and successful outcome for both.  This is where the true essence of her role comes into play – maintaining the balance between happy clients, happy Industry team and happy consultants.

Judi’s enthusiasm for her role is unmistakable and is evident in her genuine passion for the success of each of our consultants as well as the organisation as a whole.