Consultant profile

Yva Safi

Senior Consultant

"Success is driven by hard work, passion, and having the right resources and support. Terra Firma has provided that support and celebrated my successes by ensuring I have access to great resources and the tools to allow me to deliver to my clients business objectives."

What is your role at Terra Firma?

I am a Senior Consultant and Project manager and have been for over two years.

What attracted you to Terra Firma?

I joined Terra Firma for the opportunity to work in diverse industries and challenge myself in high profile projects. I was excited to be part of an organisation with an excellent reputation and be surrounded by a highly professional and experienced network of consultants.

What has been the most exciting project you have worked on since starting at Terra Firma?

A large telecommunications Network Resiliency project, a high profile program of work aimed to improve the resiliency and reliability of their mobile and core network. This project was a highlight for me as it gave me experience in a high demand Technology Delivery Process and in a program with stringent governance and control processes and procedures. It was exciting to be part of a project that would contribute to the clients key business objectives, improve their network performance, and overall customer experience.