Consultant profile

Ram Karuppiah


"If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll never know more than what you do today.   The ability to evolve and innovate separates us from most species on the planet. Working for someone that supports this philosophy, I see ‘infinite diversity in infinite combination’ only limited by one’s imagination."

What attracted you to Terra Firma?

The prospect of a company fostering employee growth was on my agenda. So, when the time came for a switch, Terra Firma caught my eye.

From the get-go, whether it be monthly Professional Development sessions or fortnightly coffee catch-ups, there has been opportunity to learn. By giving me the ability to grow, I believe I can contribute to the company’s growth. In my book, that’s a win-win.

Prior to joining TF I had a chat with current employees, noticed a trending innovative and positive culture, and that clinched the deal.

What has been a highlight since working for us?

Since day one – the presence of a common forum where one could reach out with questions, present their ideas, and above all seek guidance was helpful especially in making the transition to consulting.

How does your passion for work translate across to your home life?

Being a passionate technologist, I have always dreamt of owning a ‘Smart Home’ where most, if not all, actions could be automated. When the time came, instead of purchasing a subscription based automation solution and funding someone else’s coffers, I set out to work on my own custom solution. Post three months of problem solving and testing, everything at my home including, but not limited to, lights, television, AC, home theatre, alarm system, doors, etc. are smart and voice controlled – governed by rules.

Sharing a workplace with innovators has helped nudge my personal ‘quarterly projects’ in the right direction. My next personal project is to automate the water flow in my garden to optimise water usage and maximise harvest of my veggie patch!