Consultant profile

Caroline Barry

Business Consultant

"Progress is impossible without change."

When and why did you join Terra Firma?

I joined Terra Firma in June 2019. Having worked on a number of projects in Financial Services in Ireland and Australia, I was keen to make the move to consulting. Terra Firma ticked all the right boxes in terms of company values and support, so it was a no brainer when I got the opportunity to join.

Which project has been a highlight for you?

The current regulatory reporting project I’m working on within Financial Services is definitely a highlight. My role as a consultant has evolved so much in a short space of time on this project, and it’s been a huge learning experience so I’m excited to see it through to the end. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Terra Firma colleagues on each of my projects so far, which has also been a highlight over the last couple of years.

What are you looking forward to in your career at Terra Firma?

I’m really looking forward to expanding my industry experience and continuing to provide value to clients on various projects.
As the Team Lead for new starters within Terra Firma, I’m also excited for future growth in our consultant base and seeing how the company evolves to meet new market demands.