Consultant profile

Cameron Davey


"As a team leader with Terra Firma, I really enjoy having a team of people to engage with and assist while they are on client sites while also getting to know them and the work they do."

Why did you join Terra Firma?

After six years of working for myself on various state government projects and engagements, I wanted to be a part of a company where I could work across a variety of organisations and industries.

What is your role at Terra Firma?

My role with Terra Firma includes being a senior consultant and team leader while also taking on the role of project manager for clients.

Describe your time at Terra Firma to date.

My time at Terra Firma so far has been action packed, working on a wide variety of engagements including industries from financial services and telecommunications, to state government and even the smaller sporting event management industry.

I have been challenged to learn new skills and learn a great deal about different industries while also being able apply my previous knowledge and experience. These challenges have brought ups and downs that with the support of Terra Firma, contributes to a rewarding and interesting career.