Organisational change

Whether it be managing the change for an entire program or single project, Terra Firma has the capability to provide an organisation with experienced resources.

When change is well managed, there are no surprises

We offer the complete range of services across organisational change management from understanding and mapping the impact of the change to the business to providing resources skilled in change planning, managing stakeholders, communications and training.

The key to a successful change management project is to integrate the change into an organisation’s way of working, for it to become the status quo long after the project is complete. We don’t overcomplicate matters; we combine what we know about people with what we know about projects to offer a fit for purpose solution.

We can align with an organisation’s own way of managing the change, whether that’s using a bespoke method or an industry-recognised methodology or model such as PROSCI, Lean or PCI.

Our thinking

Structuring for decisions

Changing a company depends just as much on improving the quality and execution of decisions as it does on the redistribution of people

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