Organisational Resilience

We facilitate and mentor you to strengthen your organisations ability to anticipate, prepare, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruption.

Foresight beats hindsight [every time]. ®


The world changes very quickly and this can leave organisations unable to react to changes in a timely manner.  Changes can come from slow burning evolution or from sudden disruptive events.  A resilient organisation is not one that just survives, but one that flourishes in the face of adversity.

Terra Firma has in house FBCI and MBCI professionals who will assist you with coming to terms with Organisational Resilience.  We can help you to evolve your strategic thinking and operational structure to become more resilient and agile when dealing with change and disruption.

We offer the following products to do so:

  • Advisory
  • Defensive modelling and preventative controls analysis (dealing with the here and now)
  • Progressive consistency and flexibility modelling (planning for the future)

Do you really understand how to protect your organisation from a future of continual change? We do. We can help you look over the horizon and improve your Organisational Resilience.

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