Cyber Security

Cyber security is everybody’s business. We support you to implement the right solutions to protect your operations, customers and staff.

“Cyber security is a business responsibility.”

In today’s world the CEO, CIO and Security professionals are under extreme pressure to ensure their organisation is well protected from a security breach or data loss.

The ramifications of not getting this right are serious and our clients to ask questions such as ‘What protection do I need for my business information?’ and ‘How much security is enough?’.

Before we can answer these questions, it is critical for an organisation to understand the sensitivity of their information. The level of protection necessary is determined by the relevant compliance, privacy requirements and strategy to prevent data loss.

At Terra Firma, we use our proven methodology for the assessment, analysis and categorisation of your information. Our security framework is aligned to global and Australian government standards like ISM, PSPF, NIST, ISO, COBIT, CSA, PCI-DSS.

Our security professionals have proven track records and globally recognised accreditation from ISC2, ISACA and PECB.

Our tailored solutions ensure you have the right level of security to satisfy compliance and privacy requirements, as well as peace of mind that your organisation’s assets are protected.

We believe in providing an end-to-end scalable and pragmatic cyber security solution to meet your organisation’s needs.

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