Business continuity

We facilitate and mentor you through a structured, business-needs driven process that will enable you to survive the unknown.

Foresight beats hindsight [every time].

On a daily basis we face the news of disasters that strike the world we live in. The severity and duration of the impact may result in the failure of your organisation.

Regardless of whether the cause was natural, accidental or intentional the organisation must be ready to respond.

Its no good wishing that you had done something different to protect your organisation. It may simply be too late.

Terra Firma specialises in the uncertain world of Operational Disruption.

We are experts in Business Continuity Management.

We are experts in helping you protect your organisation from the unknown.

We will assist you with Crisis Management, Emergency Response, Business Recovery, and IT Service Continuity and get you thinking about Organisational Resilience.


If you believe that you are already protected from the unknown, then we will prove it or help you improve it.

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