Consultant profile

Anna Byrne

Senior Consultant

"I’m passionate about ensuring that our new Consultants are well supported and set up to succeed, as I believe that this will have a positive and long lasting effect on our culture, growth and service quality."

Why did you join Terra Firma?

I was looking for a challenging and diverse role that could utilise my experience from different industries.  I was also interested in working with other people who bring a high standard of professionalism, integrity and a sense of fun to teamwork and consulting.  Terra Firma offered opportunities to work with a talented team and a broad range of clients to transform the usual ways of doing things and successfully bring strategies to life.

It’s an exciting time to be at Terra Firma as we design and deliver human centred solutions and strategies that are practical and valuable for our clients and their customers.

What do you look forward to each day in your role?

Every day I’m amazed with the huge shift in the way innovation and technology are impacting our lives.  Working at Terra Firma, I’m offered opportunities to support people to embrace and connect with these changes within our clients’ organisations.  I enjoy building relationships, communicating in all shapes and forms and collaborating on programs.   For me it’s about eliminating the uncertainty and reducing the complexity our clients are experiencing with this rapid pace of change.  Whilst I enjoy drawing on my business acumen to support our clients, most importantly I’m inspired by the great range of people I work with at Terra Firma and within our clients’ operations.

Which project has been a highlight for you?

Our client was exposed to a potential critical risk and the complexities involved had significant consequences for the organisation, staff and customers.  In my role, I was able to support the client with building awareness of these issues with their people by developing and embedding the cultural change required across the organisation to ensure this risk was removed.

This project was a highlight for me as it cut across technology, process and people change to deliver solutions that better enabled our client to overcome these challenges and effectively break through the noise of activity in such a large organisation.  My Terra Firma colleagues and I were effectively engaged in the one team with our client that enabled a solid collaborative effort within this program of work.